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Kids Help Phone1-800-668-6868
text 686868
live chat
Young people (up to and beyond 25 years) needing immediate access to free, confidential and nonjudgmental counselling, referrals and/or information 24/7/365 are encouraged to contact the Kids Help Phone via phone, text or live chat.
Data plan, internet service or app are not required to access service.
Good2Talk- for post secondary students in Ontario and Nova Scotia  (1-866-925-5454 or by dialing 211 anywhere in Ontario)
University of Guelph Students also have access to text counselling as they are a pilot centre for crisis textline.  Students can access service by texting “UofG” to 686868


A comprehensive resource to help navigate early and later stages of grief, how to support a grieving friend, grief in children and complicated grief related to suicide.

Helping Parents Heal

Helping Parents Heal is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and support for healing to parents whose children have passed. Through their website and You Tube channel they facilitate open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence of the afterlife in a non-dogmatic way.

The Trauma Centre

A unique facility in Canada offering non-residential treatment in a tranquil environment for individuals & families affected by trauma and adversity. Currently services are available via videoconferencing. Therapy services are provided by Registered Psychotherapists who are Certified Trauma Specialists who provide evidence-based treatment. Services available for children, adolescents and adults. Website has an extensive Resources section.

Option B

Interactive website that helps people build resilience and find meaning in the face of adversity.

Crazy Good Grief

Inspiring positive healing and grief after the loss of a loved one.

The Centre for Greater Good

Science-based articles on living a meaningful life with sections relating to compassion, mindfulness and self-care.

Seattle Children’s Hospital Journey Program for Grief and Loss

Resource list of articles on understanding grief, talking to children about death and healing from loss.

The Mindful Movement Guided meditations to promote mindfulness

A free online resource that helps parents support their children when someone in their life is dying or has died.  It equips parents with the words and confidence to help children grieve loss in healthy ways. can help you understand grief and work through some of the difficult issues you may be facing. has been developed by a team of national and international grief experts together with people who have experienced significant loss in their own lives. It is not meant to replace professional counselling or other health care services.

Bereaved Families of Ontario

An inclusive community fostering hope and healing for people grieving the loss of a loved one.  In-person peer support is offered in either one-to-one or group settings as well as access to resources and a safe and nurturing environment.


International Children’s Memorial Place, PEI     

A 12-acre parkland and memorial site dedicated to the mission to promote and foster the health and well-being of individuals and/or families who grieve for the physical or emotional loss of a child.

The Lighthouse, Oakville ON     

Peer support for grieving children, youth and their families.  They provide a safe place where experiences are shared and support given to each other as they move through the grief process.

The Coping Centre, Cambridge ON          

The Coping Centre offers a peaceful place for support, understanding, compassion and encouragement in the uniqueness of one’s grief journey.  They offer a special support program for those who have lost a loved one by suicide.

Parent Grief Support Group, Georgetown ON   

A group of bereaved parents get together once a month to offer comfort and support to one another.  We believe that sharing our stories and listening to those of others is of tremendous benefit to our healing.  We talk, we cry, we laugh together and we fully understand each other in a way that no one else can.  No matter the age of your child, the manner in which they died or when they died, you are welcome in our group.  Monthly Group Meetings are held at Norval United Church.

This is a community group sponsored by Jones Funeral Home and the Norval United Church.  All bereaved parents are welcome.

Contact Group Facilitators Julie Marrows and Linda Boyer for schedule at or call church office 905-877-6122

‘Walking Through Grief’ Support Group, Georgetown ON            

An 8-week program for anyone experiencing the pain and grief of losing a loved one, whether the loss is recent or happened some time ago.  Participants learn about grief, discover ways of dealing with it and share stories with others who are finding their way through grief.  The program is supported by Jones Funeral Home, facilitated by Julie Marrows and Linda Boyer and held at Norval United Church

For information contact Norval United Church 905-877-6122 or email

Halton Hills Family Health Team

Individual Counselling and Group Programs facilitated by Mental Health Professionals are available for rostered patients at no cost.


The Rock (Reach Out Center for Kids), Georgetown        

Available on self-referral basis, youth age 17 and under and their families can access therapists and trained counsellors to address an array of mental health concerns, including coping with grief and loss.

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