Meet Zach Sutherland

Zachary Sutherland was a gentle, caring son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend. He strived for balance in work and pleasure, knowing that life is about being loved and giving love back to anyone who came across him whether it be from sporting activities, school or five summers of teaching children how to swim.

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Zach had the knack from when he was young to be able to charm both adults and children. He genuinely loved talking and listening to everyone and knew how to make them feel special. He kept friends from elementary school and his social circle only expanded as he progressed to high school and university at Guelph.  Many of his close friends he considered like brothers.

He had to grow up quickly due to family circumstances.  His Dad, Jeff, was diagnosed with ALS when Zach was just 13 years old.  Zach never begrudged his extra responsibilities being the eldest brother but rather kept the family moving forward with a happy demeanor and purpose.

Sutherland Family

He loved being active whether it was from organized sports, shooting hoops on the driveway or walking the golf course at North Halton with his buddies.

hoopsHe had a passion for cooking gourmet meals for his family and his brothers Ben and Nathaniel were often recruited as his sous-chefs!

Zach was an incredibly affectionate person who would embrace you with such a comforting hug.  He openly told his parents how much he loved them and consistently had a special forehead kiss for his dad before bed.  His brothers were also his best friends.  They shared this bond from a very early age and it only got stronger through the years as they supported each other with encouragement to pursue their own individual goals.

graduationZach found the special person to share his life with early, first teasing Kaya until she figured out that the teasing was his awkward adolescent way of expressing that he really liked her.  Their relationship deepened as they matured and they were together for just over a third of their lives.  They brought out the best in each other and also challenged each other, ultimately making each other better people.

Kaya & Zach

Zach had a vision for his family and passionately convinced his parents to buy their home on the Credit River.  He loved being so close to nature and his excitement was contagious, as anyone he came in contact with during that time can attest to.  They were both bursting with enthusiasm as he and Kaya set out on their last adventure so incredibly happy.  Embracing and laughing as they prepared for their outing on the unusually beautiful, sunny, calm February day.  They set out on that kayak trip with the same energy with which they lived their lives – all in.

Zach was generous with his time, thoughts and words and dreamed of making the world more kind.  We strive to carry forward his legacy.

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