Meet Kaya Firth

Kaya was our firstborn child and being raised by very young parents made the family grow together.  Unconcerned with traditional norms, Kaya was raised to question and to make her own decisions.  She adored her brothers Jackson and Isaac and considered Christopher Busato her third brother.  They always played together as children, often with Kaya making the calls.  As they grew up they became close friends and relied on each other for insight and support.


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Kaya was inspired by nature, loved the family cottage and took every opportunity to be out on the lake.  She grew up on and around the water and found peace paddling the kayak or canoe.  She could hold her own behind the speedboat too, either slalom skiing or wakeboarding with the boys.

Kaya loved working with children and was a counsellor for Town of Halton Hills Recreation programs, going on to work in an Administrative role there.  She was held in high regard for her enthusiasm, infectious smile, organizational skills and passion for her role.

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Kaya was raised in love and chose to keep deep personal relationships with the people she loves.  She referred to her lifelong best friend, Kara Brownlee, as “my non-romantic life partner” and their bond of love is unbroken.  Kaya knew her mind and, especially over the past few years she found her voice.  She was encouraged by mentors who saw her potential and talent and helped reflect it back to her.  In particular the staff at the Ontarion, the Guelph University student newspaper where she was an editor, helped her to hone her gift for words and start to share it with the world.  She said of the staff there “I have found my people”.

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Kaya was treasured by her large extended family and the Brownlee family who considered her one of their own.  She was lucky enough to find her soulmate at such a young age and she and Zach shared a deep commitment and love for each other that was beyond their years.

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Kaya brought her intelligence, her passion, her quick wit and her kind heart to those who knew her and we want those qualities to be brought to others through her legacy

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